Whether or not this hole closes up eventually, I’m pretty sure it’s going to leave a pretty gnarly scar.
(Tongues scar, did you know?)
Years from now at a party, I can totally imagine this kid sticking her tongue out and excitedly telling all her buddies about the time(s) she almost bit it off. Except knowing Morgan and her flair for the dramatic, the story will most likely have evolved from “I fell off my grandpa’s piano bench” to “that time I crashed a helicopter in ‘Nam.” 


4 thoughts on “Thinking

  1. Holy Moly! The poor kiddo. You can see exactly where each front tooth landed. Ouch! Glad to see it's healing and Morgan is feeling better. I think, without a doubt, she'll always have one of the coolest scar stories. “Oh, you got that scar from fall off your bike? Well I got this one from nearly chomping my own tongue off…” Owned for sure.


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