And some days are very, very, very, very long

“The days are long, but the years are short.”
I have to continually remind myself of this on days like today.
At Morgan’s two-year-old check up last week, the doctor (and both nurses) commented on what a spirited child I have. Well that’s a gentle way of putting it, but yes, she is rather “spirited”.

Later in the visit when we were discussing milestones, some that Morgan has already reached and others she should be reaching in the near future, the doctor mentioned something about having to be extra careful when toddlers learn to open doors.

“It’s customary to cut their arms off at that point, right?” I asked.

I was kidding. Mostly.


Earlier this evening:

“Morgan, please eat your dinner.”


“Would you rather have macaroni and cheese?”


“Are you finished eating then?”


“What would you like to do?”

“BE NICE, Mama!!!!” (Followed by hysterical crying and throwing her body on the floor.)

Not that we ever doubted it, but she is most definitely a girl.

5 thoughts on “And some days are very, very, very, very long

  1. Anonymous

    This is just so funny to me because I have had all of these same conversations. “Be Nice Momma!!!” Yup, heard that! lol. I wish I could say that they grow out of the terrible two's right at 3 years of age, but the day came and went…3 months ago…and it seems that we haven't quite reached that point yet! 😀 Nicole Brouillette


  2. That makes me laugh so hard just because it sounds like my house as well. I do have to admit it makes me feel better knowing that I'm not the only one who thinks they have a monster for a child. (I hope that didn't offend you.) Just know that I'm in the same boat and you are not alone!!! Love ya Jenny!! 🙂


  3. I wish I could promise you that it gets better, but she is even more “spirited” than Halle, I think. We had a span of several months that were, in a word, awful. But now, for the most part things have calmed down. But it's possible that with Morgan they might not calm down until she's 25 🙂 But, for what it's worth, she's adorable in all her orneryness. I can't wait to see her next week!


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