October 2010 Newsletter: 14 months

Dear Morgan,

Take a deep breath and…. WHEW!

We made it to fourteen months, kiddo. There were times I seriously questioned whether or not we would. Without a doubt, this month has been the most difficult so far. But, I think the chaos only multiplies over time and I have a feeling that when the mom of three-year-old-you looks back at the mom of one-year-old-you, she’s going to laugh and say you have no clue, lady, NO CLUE!


Why have the past few weeks been so crazy, you ask. I don’t know, maybe it’s because of those six teeth that decided to come in at once. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that you no longer like to sleep through the night and you wake up at 3:00 every single morning, wailing like an air raid siren. Or perhaps it’s because you’ve recently graduated from Skilled Mess Maker to Mess Maker Valedictorian. I’m not just talking about little messes like scattering your toys around the house. No, I’m talking about half-gallon puddles of paint on your bedroom floor and entire bottles of purple nail polish on your hands, in your mouth, and smeared into the couch cushions. Just the other day, I stepped into the bathroom for maybe 30 seconds and came out to find that half a minute is all the time you need to pull every last baby wipe out of a brand new package and spread them throughout the entire house and dump the dog’s water dish onto the kitchen floor. Adding to the frustration of the messes themselves is the look on your face when I discover them; it’s part amusement, part “this lady is a total amateur.”


You have a fascination with danger. You actually seek it out and you never pass on an opportunity to give me a heart attack. You’re especially attracted to anything you can climb on top of; the higher the better. I’d love to hear what’s going on inside your head as you do some of these things. Hey, nice bar stool – that’d be fun to stand on top of… I wonder how it’d feel to jump off the bed headfirst… Is that a stairway? I bet if I stand at the top and jump, I could clear at least five of those suckers… Super glue? How cool would it be to steal it from mom while she’s using it and take a bite right outta the tube?

By the way, it only took a few days for the super glue to flake off your teeth entirely.

Last week you lost my cell phone. Well, lost or HID my phone, we aren’t sure which. See, we thought you were just really prone to losing things (you are, after all, your mother’s daughter) but when you suddenly came walking into the living room with a spray bottle I’d searched the entire house for more than once, we started thinking that maybe things don’t just go missing by accident. I firmly believe you have a hidden stash of things you’ve “lost” in the past, although I’m not sure where it is because our house is certainly not large and we have literally turned it upside down looking for these things. I suppose that one day while I’m cleaning the house, I’ll come across not only my phone, but also my make up mirror, two or three of your bottles, a few of your toys, that unopened bottle of ibuprofen I so needed after my surgery and who knows what else.

Morgan, you have to know that while it’s true that these past few weeks have been difficult, they have also been filled with some of the most precious, fun and proud moments for me. My heart melts when you put your hands behind my neck and rest your cheek on mine, then drift off to sleep in our giant bear hug. I love the way you kiss Daddy goodnight, then try to push him off the bed because the few minutes before you go to sleep is our time – just me and you. My chest swelled with pride when just this morning you walked into the kitchen, pointed to and correctly identified a banana (“nana”). You always keep me laughing and your sense of fun serves a constant reminder that no matter how hectic life gets, you can’t take things too seriously – having fun is necessary. And kid, I’ve never had more fun than I’ve had in the past fourteen months.

I had the day off work today. It’s not very often that you and I have the chance to hang out together, just us. Neither of us got out of our pajamas and we spent most of the day reading, cuddling on the couch, watching TV and snacking. It was just so much fun! At one point I was lying on my back on the floor and you were using my body as your jungle gym. We were both laughing and squealing, but you suddenly became very quiet and you pressed your face to mine. Your nose was on my cheek and I could feel your smile against my skin, and we just sat there quietly for a few seconds, literally doing nothing but soaking in each others love.
There are very few truly perfect moments in life, Morgan. I want to thank you for that one.

3 thoughts on “October 2010 Newsletter: 14 months

  1. Oh, the sweetness is oozing out of her! I can see it…and the mischievousness! That last paragraph was a tear-jerker! The smallest moments are always the ones that make your heart swell. Love!


  2. Six??? Ouch!I am constantly amazed at the way a toddler can make a huge, insurmountable mess in less than a minute. When my mom's triplets were little they could take my parents' 4,000 square foot house and render it a disaster in no time at all….


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