October 2009 Newsletter: 2 months

Dear Morgan,

How is it possible that it’s already been two months since we brought you home? I feel like it was just yesterday that you were laid on my chest and I marveled at how small and sweet and perfect you were. And I’m pretty sure it was just a couple months ago, not almost a year ago, that I saw two pink lines on that pregnancy test and had to take several more over the next few days, just to be sure. It completely blows my mind that I’ve suddenly found myself the mother of a TWO MONTH OLD! Where does the time go?


After you were born and we were leaving the hospital, I was hit with the startling realization that we were going home where I was the primary caretaker. There would be no nurses to help me or show me what to do. You were entirely dependent on me, and to be honest that scared me a little. While I was pregnant I read everything I could get my hands on about pregnancy. I had learned how to be a great pregnant woman, but none of the things I read taught me how to be a mother. Thankfully, you took the lead and quickly taught me how to take care of you. You were patient with me as I learned to distinguish between your different cries. You slept for sometimes 5 or 6 hours straight, which allowed me to get some much needed rest. (Thanks for that.) Although I was a bit apprehensive about breast feeding, you took right to it. You were born with your entire fist in your mouth, ready to eat. Within minutes of being born, you latched right onto the breast and have been eating quite skillfully ever since. You’ve given me confidence and along with that, the gift of truly being able to enjoy taking care of you. Not very many women are lucky enough to have such a good baby. I’m not just lucky… I hit the jackpot!

You’ve grown and changed so much since we brought you home. You’re no longer that wrinkly little newborn who spent the entire day sleeping, eating, pooping, and then sleeping some more. Now you’re aware of everything that goes on and you’ve really begun to react to the world around you. You’ve recently discovered how much fun it is to suck on your hands. At every possible opportunity, you have one or both hands in your mouth, just sucking away. Your hands are the most marvelous creations you have ever seen… well, besides mommy’s boobies, of course. When I’m getting you dressed and have to pull your hands away from your face for a few seconds, you kick and grunt and get this very sad look on your face as if you’re worried you may never see them again. But then you’re reunited with them and you shove them back in your mouth with such force you nearly choke on your knuckles. Aside from being very cute and very noisy, this new fascination of yours is also very drooly, as is just about everything else you do.

Another thing you’ve sure taken a liking to is that beautiful baby you sometimes find in the mirror. Every time you see her, it’s just as amusing as the first time you noticed her staring back at you. You love to coo and smile at her and I just LOVE it because Morgan, your smile is brighter than the sun! Just this morning, I rolled over in bed to face you and was greeted with a smile so huge that there was barely enough room left for us on the bed.


Another thing that’s worth mentioning is your ability to pass gas like a pro. You may be asking yourself, is she really talking about farting? Yes, indeed I am, and you’d better get used to it. Bodily functions are the norm in this family. We’re not shy. There are times that I’m not sure whether it was you, your daddy or me who tooted. But let’s face it, regardless of who it really was, you usually get the blame. Anytime one slips out, I can point at you and say “Whew, she’s really gassy today.” It’s a perk to having a newborn around that I didn’t even know existed. Not only do you fart like a champ, your burps are also pretty impressive!


Your daddy is having more fun with you now that you’re getting a little bigger. I think he finally realizes he’s not going to break you. It’s so much fun to watch the two of you together, although it can be a bit disconcerting at times how similar you look. In case nobody’s told you yet, you look like your dad. There are times, like after daddy has rocked you to sleep and your head is resting on his shoulder or you’re in his arms looking up at him and smiling, that I am completely floored by the resemblance between the two of you.


Morgan, In the past two months you have taught me how to love more than I ever thought possible. You’ve taught me how to cherish the little things, like feeling your fuzzy head on my arm during those 2 AM feedings, hearing your sigh of contentment when you finish a particularly long feeding session and seeing your sunshine smile when I kiss your little toes. You’ve given my life more meaning and more purpose than ever before. You are my heart, baby girl. You are the best gift I have ever been given and I am forever grateful to God for trusting me enough to put you in my care. I promise you that I’ll always be the best mommy I know how to be. I know I’ll make mistakes, but I hope you’ll be able to forgive me and always remember that I have your best interest at heart. Our life together is just beginning, and although I’m very eager to see you learn and grow, I will always treasure this phase of your life and the time I’ve had with you as a precious baby.



One thought on “October 2009 Newsletter: 2 months

  1. Hello… when did you start a blog? thanks for letting me know!! Well, now we are even. I made you cry with my blog and you made me cry with yours. Very touching. now i am going to go read all your other posts.


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